Keep on reading this article as we provide you a list of tips that can assist you in securing your customer data: 

Always update your software apps 

If you want to secure your data as much as you can, you have to update all of your apps if necessary since most software updates involve improved security features. Hence, you just need to wait for some time to complete that updated and do not click remind me later on the update pop up screen.  

Install antivirus application software 

You need to secure your computer with the help of reliable antivirus software. This can also be applied to any computer you have in your company or even your personal computer that your staff utilizes to gain access to know business details. Installing one does not need to be costly. In fact, there is a lot of free and cost-effective antivirus software available today. However, it would still be best if you contact your trusted and expert IT services Vaughan provider to determine which antivirus will be tailored to your needs that will work well for your business.  

Utilize spam filters 

Sure, you are aware that you need to refrain from opening emails that seem suspicious. However, spammers have become more tech-savvy nowadays since they already know how to send out emails that look exactly the same as the original one. To guarantee that you won’t become a victim of this type of scam, it’s highly recommended to install a quality spam filter on your chosen email platform.  

Use strong passwords 

Perhaps you’ve heard about this trip for a lot of times already. However, making a strong and guess-proof password is actually extremely crucial for your data security. Refrain from using obvious passwords like 12345 or the name of your business. Strong passwords need to obtain 8 characters, symbols, numbers, and lower and upper letters. Moreover, you need to allow two-factor authentication to log in essential applications that you use in work or even those that you personally use.  

Limit access 

Make sure to just give access to your customer data the business partners and employees that you trust the most. Whether you keep things in an online tool, on your computer, or in a traditional file cabinet, see to it that only a few people have the passwords, codes, and keys. Moreover, keep a thorough inventory of who can gain access to whatever you have. With this, you can simply change passwords and codes in the event somebody will leave your company to keep things secure.  

Know your data 

To start with, come up with a list of all of your gathered customer data or those that you already have on file. Your customer data include things such as billing information, phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, and names. After that, list out where you store this data—it can be in a physical filing system or saved electronically. Guarantee to become very comprehensive as you need to get an entire picture of everything that you’ve obtained that are accessible and where it resides.  

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