Filtering through all of the resumes when looking for an ideal IT employee for your business can be overwhelming. It is difficult to identify excellent candidate from just reading the resume. That’s why you should know what questions you’ve got to ask when interviewing possible candidates. You should always determine if they’ve got the company culture fit, soft skills, and the technical expertise to finish the project.  

If you ask various questions, you’ll have a more comprehensive perspective of the potential IT employee. Though you have to concentrate on questions that might be more technical, having specific interview questions would give you an idea if the potential IT specialist will be an ideal fit for your IT services needs.  

Is Customer Service or Technical Knowledge More Crucial? 

A technical expert will have the right balance between people skills and technical skills. If they provide a response, you need to think about whether the candidate utilizes logic to answer since this is a question that is opinion-based. In addition to that, the candidate needs to convey their understanding of how both skills play a major part in the job through the answer they give.  

How Will You Explain a Particular Technology in Layman’s Terms? 

It’s important to have the ability to communicate technical terms with non-technical individuals. The reason for this is that IT plays a major role in almost every business. If you ask this question, you’ll be able to evaluate the communication skills and style of the candidate. In addition to that, you want to know whether they could break down complex processes and terms into simpler ones. This is particularly true if they will be interacting with non-tech workers or dealing with client-facing problems.  

Ask About Their Home Network 

Aside from being willing to develop and learn new skills in their workplace, an IT expert will also commit time outside of the office if he/she is really passionate about their skills. Because of this, asking about home network of the potential candidate is vital and can offer you a better idea as to how knowledgeable and passionate they actually are about their skills.  

An IT expert that likes technology is typically not happy with a regular and usual home network. A lot of IT experts have a home laboratory. This might include NAS backups, switches, a server, a sturdier firewall, and gadgets that go above what your regular consumer will have for their network in their house. Aside from their home laboratory where they could safely try on new and different technologies, they may also have a home security system that is connected online or a house that is set up with a completely automated smart technology. There are a lot of other factors that can enhance the home network of a person and a lot of places that could be modified and improved if you know your way around technology.  

If you ask these inquiries during your interview, you’ll be able to know how qualified the IT specialist is. You can also figure out if they’ve got the people and collaborative skills. 

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